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Located in the heart of West Boca Raton, we call ourselves "The Next Wave in Martial Arts". Whether it is Counterpoint Tactical System, Cacoy Doce Pares, or anything else, it is commitment and training that builds the self discipline and character at the core of a true martial artist.
Mr. Haas


We offer programs for juniors (3-12 years old) and adults/teens (13 and older) that include karate, kickboxing and weapons training.

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Community – We our connected with our students and their families. We also recognize that we are members of a larger community in Boca Raton / South Florida and our worldwide martial arts family.

Teamwork – We certainly believe very strongly in personal responsibility, but we know that great things can be accomplished through cooperation and a shared commitment to martial arts or any other task at hand.

Action! – "A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action" as Elvis said. We know that talk does not get the job done in martial arts or anything else. Just as we work very hard to get our lessons applied on the mat, we get involved with local schools, businesses and charities off the mat.